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The Symposium will be held at the Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao (Spain).
Bilbao is Spain´s biggest port and sixth largest city. Bilbao is synonymous with its spectacular Guggenheim Museum. The new underground system (El Metro), the futuristic new airport terminal and a host of projects designed to regenerate run-down areas of the city have combined to give Bilbao a new image as one of Spain's leading players of the new Millennium. The city has also many excellent restaurants serving traditional Basque cuisine which is generally regarded as being some of the finest in Spain.
The climate in Bilbao is mild and temperate. Around Bilbao, you will find very green and hilly landscapes as well as a stunning coastline. Bilbao has excellent transport links with the rest of Spain and all the major European capitals.

For more information visit: www.bilbao.net

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Conference Venue

Euskalduna Palace Conference Centre, Bilbao - Spain:
Lecture Theatre: Room A3 (Abandoibarra Entrance)
Address: Avda. Abandoibarra nș 4, 48011 BILBAO
Tel: +34-944 035000, Fax: +34-944 035001, Email: info@euskalduna.net

For more information on the venue and how to get there: http://www.euskalduna.net/

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