Scientific Programme

The scientific programme of the Symposium will include invited lectures and oral presentations in the following broad areas:

· Nanotechnology in Construction: Present and future
· Theoretical Modelling of construction materials from nano to macroscale
· Characterisation and measurement of properties of construction materials at micro-to-nano scale
· Nanotechnology for construction material and product development

The symposium is also a 'path-finding' and cross-disciplinary event:
Contributions outlining novel and potential applications not yet realised or under development are encouraged, as are contributions regarding developments in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology which may have applications in the construction sector.

You can download a word version of the scientific programme below:

Scientific Programme (52KB)

At this stage, the following speakers have already confirmed their participation:

Keynote Lecturers:
K. Scrivener (EPFL, Switzerland)
K. van Breugel (Delft University, Netherlands)
P. Acker (Lafarge, France)

A. Ayuela (DIPC, Spain)
P. Balaguru (Rutgers University, USA)
P. Bartos (University of Paisley, UK)
N. Bicanic (University of Glasgow, UK)
I. Casanova (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
L. Cassar (Italcementi, Italy)
K. Chong (NSF, USA)
A. García-Luna (GCC, Switzerland)
S. Gońi Elizalde (IETCC-CSIC, Spain)
J. Grávalos Moreno (NECSO, Spain)
C. Hellmich (VUT, Austria)
J. Kasperkiewicz (ITPP-PAN, Poland)
A. Korpa (University of Siegen, Germany)
T. Kowald (University of Siegen, Germany)
J. Larsen-Basse (NSF, USA)
C. Lesniak (European Commission, Brussels)
R. A. Livingston (FHA, USA)
M. J. López-Tendero (AIDICO, Spain)
R. Magarotto (Degussa, Italy)
C. Maltese (Mapei, Italy)
J. Nemecek (CVUT, Czech Republic)
A. Palomo Sánchez (IETCC-CSIC, Spain)
C. Papakonstantinou (Univ. Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA)
P. Procházka (CTU, Czech Republic)
D. Quenard (CSTB, France)
L. Raki (IRC-NRC, Canada)
M. Saafi (Alabama A&M University, USA)
S. Shah (Northwestern University Illinois, USA)
J. Schweitzer (University of Connecticut, USA)
H. van Damme (EPSCI, France)
T. H. Wegner (USDA Forest Service, USA)
G. Ye (Delft University, Netherlands)
K. Zetkova (Synpo, Czech Republic)

A poster session will also take place.

The posters will be on display during the whole duration of the Symposium. Anyone interested in contributing to the poster session can still submit an abstract. Please note that all accepted papers will appear equally in the Symposium proceedings, regardless of the mode of presentation.

At this stage, the following authors have already confirmed their participation in the Poster Session:

Unal Anil Dogan
Maria Ioan
Daniela Nastac
Mohd Raihan Taha
Alice Pop
Yolanda Sáez de Ibarra

The final date for receipt of full papers is 29th July 2005.

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